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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that our clients ask us the most about the furnished apartments that we provide in Houston, TX Medical Center. 


What services that your company offers?

1- Fully Furnished Apartments in the Houston Medical Center and the Galleria Area  

2- Car Rental which include almost all different sizes and Luxury vehicles such as BMW X-6 etc. 

3- Transportation Services. We provide transportation services from and to airports, to anywhere in the Houston area and also other cities in the state of Texas. 


Is there a short term contract to rent a furnished apartment?

Yes, there is a short term contract for medical center patients and it it could be only for a few days. We understand that some of our clients are in town for medical treatment and the are unsure of when they may leave town, so we made it so simple and short to fit their needs. 


Is the rent by month or by night?


It's your choice, both options are available. 


Do you have a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apt.?

Yes, we have furnished apartments available in all sizes. 


How far are the apartments from Methodist or Md Anderson Hospitals?

They are only a few miles away or 5 minutes by car. 

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